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While Liverpool very left licking the wounds after the Boro's defeat. The Reds bounced back to produced the most memorable performance in a European night by inflicting a 4-0 defeat of Real Madrid at Anfield. And we reminded Real that "This is Anfield".

With our title credential under fire by the media and pundits. They claimed, Liverpool were moulded as a cup competition team rather than an English club. So the faintest of hope to savage some pride and shut the critics, nothing sooner than a clash with Manchester United in the Premier league, where it's a do-or-die for the team from Merseyside.

The Red Devils were seven points ahead and with a game on hand before the start of the match. But soon after the final whistle, the lead has been cut to four and now Liverpool need to push United to the limits by winning the remaining nine games.

Well, if a season double over the reign champion and Chelsea in a football calendar wasn't enough to earn Liverpool the credits that has been overdued. I don't know what to say anymore? Manchester United were torn apart by the brilliant tactics of Rafa Benitez.

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New Anfield Stadium

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Reds new fortress will be ready by 2010, a re-designed and stunning stadium in Stanley Park just across the existing Anfield stadium.

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4 April 2015
12.45PM UK Time
at Emirates Stadium




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