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Traffic Stats from January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012:
Total Unique Visitors: 152,639 (ave. 12,719 per month)
Total Pageviews: 202,155 (ave. 16,846 per month)
Google Page Rank: 2

Total Visiting Country: 193
Top Visiting Countries: UK (32%), US (10%), Malaysia (6%), Singapore, Ireland (4%), Australia (3%), South Africa, India, Iceland, Thailand (2%) and Rest of the world (33%)

Many online businesses needs a helping hand in spreading their words out to their potential clients. There are many way to do it, buying ads space with Google’s Adwords, Text Link Ads, Nuffnang, Advertlets, LinkWorth, LinkAdage, Facebook and many, many more.

Red's Fury™ is affiliates with Text Link Ads,Inc for text based linkage. claims to have more than 45,000 publishers and more than 7,000 advertisers on their site. Text Link Ads offers Text-link-ads (out-of-content) and In-links, which are In-Content ads. Text Links are priced with a flat fee for a 30-days run.

How to advertise on Red's Fury™:

Sign-up for Text Link Ads are FREE. Just head to Text-Link-Ads website and sign-up as an advertiser.

Then look-up for my blog and request from them for a text link submission. My pricing are based on US Dollar for a 30-days advertising. For more information on the text-link pricing, please sign-up as an advertiser now! Your text link will be placed at 'Support Our Sponsors' column, the top right-hand corner, below my blog's banner.


You can directly deal with me the terms and conditions on Ads placement with my blog. I accept PayPal payment method and C.O.D. terms only.

Choose from: STANDARD or PREMIUM Packages

Text link Ads (words only) tenancy options:
  1. 12 months tenancy
  2. 24 months tenancy
Skyscraper 120x600 / Horizontal 468x60 Ads tenancy options:
  1. 12 months tenancy
  2. 24 months tenancy
(Note: 120x600 Skyscraper or 468x60 Horizontal Ads are not provided or included by me. Advertisers need to design their own banner and host it themselves.)

Sponsored posts
  1. Max. 1 out-going link per post - USD$85 per post
RSS Feeds
  1. Max. 5 titles per feed - USD$320 per year

Terms and conditions:
  • No adults related services or product advertisement
  • No racism ads
  • No derogatory ads
  • No nude images allowed on banner ads
  • No gambling ads (Casino or online gambling)
  • ALLOW sports betting ads
  • ALLOW sport merchandising ads
  • ALLOW all the ads which does not violates this T&C as stated above.

    When you are ready to place an ad (or if you have more questions on pricing or latest traffic) please contact me.

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